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Welcome to AXS Guard

  • Set up in 5 minutes

    Learn how to connect your AXS Guard appliance to the network and get it up and running in minutes.

    Getting started

  • AXS Guard Cloud

    Effortlessly manage deployments, settings, system issues, and gain real-time threat insights.


  • Observe & Protect

    Managed cybersecurity, your way. Get expert guidance or self-manage with our powerful tools.

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  • IBM Security® QRadar® EDR

    Stop ransomware in its tracks. Get AI-powered protection with our EDR solution.


  • DNS Security

    Double your defense. AXS Guard offers built-in DNS security and a standalone SecureDNS agent.


  • Strong Authentication & SSO

    AXS Guard strengthens security with various authentication options like MFA and SSO.

    System configuration