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SecureDNS Agent Release Notes


The release notes contain information about new product features, improvements, known issues, and bug fixes. For comprehensive details and guidance, please carefully review the notes below and refer to the Secure DNS agent documentation to avoid configuration difficulties.

Version History

Version 2.1.0

New Features

  • Brand Customization: The AXS Guard logo and all naming references have been removed from the software.
  • Automatic Server Selection: The agent will automatically detect and switch to the optimal server.
  • VPN Support on Mac: Introduced VPN support specifically for macOS.
  • Robust Recovery: Improved the mechanism to restore the original DNS configuration after a system crash or forceful shutdown.
  • Notification Refinement: Removed the mention of PowerShell in Windows notifications.
  • Process Identification (Windows & Linux only): We have implemented the use of netstat to identify processes causing a filter activation. This feature is currently only available for Windows and Linux. Please note that events are currently not logged to the server.
  • Client-side Notifications: We have implemented the ability to mute client-side notifications related to DNS validation. It's crucial to highlight that muting must be configured exclusively on the server (API) side, enabling the suppression of notifications linked to DNS validation. Additionally, we have introduced the capability to add notifications, providing integrators with greater flexibility in customizing their notification preferences.

Bug Resolution

  • Addressed bugs related to accessing specific DNS addresses, ensuring smoother functionality.
  • We've implemented various performance improvements to enhance the overall user experience, ensuring a more optimized and responsive system.
Version 2.0.0

SecureDNS Agent - Initial Release

We are excited to announce the initial release of the SecureDNS Agent, a robust tool crafted to elevate DNS security and empower organizations with a secure and efficient DNS resolution mechanism.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced DNS Security: The SecureDNS Agent serves as a defense against cybersecurity threats, shielding devices from potential exposure to malware, ransomware, malicious domains, and botnet infrastructures.

  • Proactive Defense: Protects your network and neutralizes potential threats before they can compromise your systems.

  • Efficient DNS Resolution: Provides seamless and efficient DNS resolution, optimizing the performance of your network and ensuring a smooth online experience.

  • Real-time Threat Intelligence: The SecureDNS Agent proactively identifies and blocks malicious activities.

  • User-friendly Interface: The agent boasts an intuitive interface, making it easy for organizations to effectively integrate and manage DNS security.

As we embark on this journey to fortify DNS security, your feedback is invaluable. We look forward to your insights and suggestions to continually enhance the capabilities of the SecureDNS Agent.