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SSO Tool Release Notes


The release notes contain information about new product features, improvements, known issues, and bug fixes. For comprehensive details and guidance, please carefully review the notes below and refer to the documentation to avoid configuration difficulties.

Version History

Version 2.15

Bug Fixes

  • The OpenSSL suite has been upgraded.
  • Resolved issue where clients could no longer connect after sleep mode.
  • Msi configuration tool now supports username/password mode.
  • Per-user install has been fixed.
  • The msi configuration tool was moved to the "Configuration Tools" folder in the SSO zip file.
Version 2.14

New Features

  • Windows 10 compatibility.
  • A new utility helps you to customize the msi installer for deployment via a GPO.
  • Software can be installed per-user or per-computer. Per-user context no longer requires administrative privileges.
  • New icon which indicates the connection status.
  • Updated AXS GUARD logos, icons and trademarks.
  • The software has been optimized for AXS GUARD version 8.2.1


  • OpenSSL and wxWidgets have been upgraded.
  • Version 2.14 will play nice with Windows sleep, shutdown and hibernate.
  • The uninstall and upgrade wizards will automatically close running instances of the SSO tool (as of version 2.14)
  • Version 2.14 can be configured to automatically update the Windows system proxy settings.
  • SSO binaries are now signed by "Vasco, The Security Company". See for additional information.
  • When starting the SSO tool without a profile, a friendly dialog box will help you create one.
  • Possibility to use an IP or hostname to configure the gateway.
  • The installer automatically launches the SSO Tool after installing the software.
  • Possibility to choose the installation path of the SSO Tool.
  • Only one instance of the SSO Tool can be active at any given time.
  • Ability to edit the default profile in a per-computer context (new users only).
  • Uninstall will clean up existing SSO registry data, including profiles.
  • Validation has been improved
  • Improved error messages and debug logging.
  • Resilient networking code.
  • Friendly reminders will be shown of new versions every time the SSO tool is restarted.

Bug Fixes

  • On some systems, uninstalling version 2.13 of the SSO tool is not possible. Upgrading to 2.14 will correct these issues.
  • Various memory leaks and software crashes have been fixed.
  • The default system profile was not always applied to first-time users in previous versions. This has been fixed in version 2.14.
  • Command line install has been updated and is now fully supported.
  • The debug log is now saved in %AppData%\AXSGUARDSSOv2 instead of the application directory.
  • Fixed connection errors on very fast networks.
  • Fixed all inconsistencies between setup-profile and run-profile.
  • Improved silent install for per-user and per-computer contexts. Note that the latter requires administrative privileges.
  • Profile auto-detection issue has been fixed.
  • Corruption of Firefox proxy settings has been fixed.